Do You Want To Wash Your Face After Applying Mask?
- Feb 10, 2019 -

Sleep mask - no need to wash for a certain period of time, sleep mask does not need to wash, but remember, do not apply too thick when applied, otherwise it will lead to unbearable skin pressure, poor blood circulation, and make the skin more dull. It should be noted that the sleep mask is only for a certain period of time, not for washing. The mask applied before going to bed should be cleaned within 6-8 hours to prevent normal skin breathing and metabolism from being blocked. After one night Or you should wash your face and then rub the daily moisturizer.

     Jelly Mask--When used immediately, this mask will be sticky on the face, it is very uncomfortable, so it should be washed off quickly. In addition, most of the liquid masks are gel type and can be repaired at night. For the skin, this smear mask should be applied with a thick layer to see the original skin color as the highest standard.

     Tearing mask - shrink pores after washing, tearing mask is usually used to remove blackheads, do facial cleansing before making mask, then steam the face with hot water or apply a hot towel to the nose to open the pores The fat blackhead in the deep pores can be better dissolved, so that it is easier to be “teared off” by the mask. Apply the tear mask to wash your face. After washing, tap the pores with a toner that shrinks pores.

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