Mascara Eyelash Makeup Brush


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Product Details

Mascara Eyelash 

Material:Eco-friendly Wood handle

Aluminum ferrule


Size:(could be customized)


Handle: 4mm*110mm


Product features:

This spiraled mascara brush is perfect for separating eyelashes before and after mascara application. The mascara brush is designed according to the physiological curve of the eyelashes, so when used with mascara, the shape is best for volume and curl the eyelash. It lifts the eye lashes as the user rolls without loosing out on any volume. This brush will evenly smeared to the root to the end of each eyelash in the instant of application.

This eyelash curl can make the eyelashes curly, slender, root clear, maintain the lasting freshness of makeup effect. Spiral design is more humane, paste is not easy to caking, prevent Mascara halo staining and falling off. It can also be used as eyebrow brush, combing eyebrows and modifying eyebrow shape. Small spiral brushes make up more delicate.

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