Crescent Sculpting Brush


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Product Details

Material: Eco-friendly wood handle

Aluminum ferrule

Top quality synthetic fiber

Size:(could be customized)

Hair: 19mm/21mm*28mm


Product Features:

This special-shaped cosmetic brush can be used for various needs of cosmetic effect at the same time, suitable for many parts of the face. Crescent design is more humane.

This ultra soft, vegan premium crescent sculpting brush is mainly used to minimize the jawline, contour the cheekbones, and define the bridge of the nose for a precise sculpted look.

The crescent shape can perfectly fit the jawline and give you an effortless makeup application to create natural gradient look. with its very soft, and dense curved brush head.

How to Use: Apply powder, cream or liquid contour to the tip of the brush and blend using a back and forth motion until product has been fully blended.

When cleaning, only one stick is needed to sweep repeatedly along the crescent-shaped arc surface, which can easily sweep away excess powder.

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